First-Time Homebuyers

    Buying Your First Home?

    Congratulations on the decision to stop making your landlords rich, and have a place of your own. For our first-time homebuyer clients, we’ve taken the complex homebuying process and made it simple. And, our local team of caring mortgage professionals will hold your hand every step of the way. You may be eligible for a few first-time homebuyer perks, too, so make sure you ask us about our “Homebuyer Alliance” programs.

    1. Pre-Approval and “Big 3 Ideals”

    Buying your first place, you may be eligible for a few “first-time” mortgage perks, which our team will explore at this stage, as we also review your credit, job, income, assets and more for loan approval. We’ll discuss your “Big 3 Ideals” to give you the confidence that your target price, monthly payment, and total cash-to-close are in line with your approval. This is also where we’ll have you gather your financial documents.

    2. Offer Accepted and Realtor®

    Assume that when you find your dream home, you’ll be in a bidding war with other hopeful buyers. We’ll get you eligible for our exclusive Offer Accepted ™ program to help you win the bidding war. Then an expert Realtor® will help you find the home of your dreams, win the offer, and navigate the waters to your closing.

    3. Get IntoContract

    Your Realtor® will help you hunt for your dream home. But it’s not like what you see on HDTV (assume you’ll look at more than 3 homes). Expect to be in a bidding war with other hopeful buyers. If you get eligible for our Offer Accepted™ program, you’ll increase your odds of winning your offer.

    4. Contact Us

    When you’re offer has been accepted by the seller, email, text or call our office. From there, we’ll set up your loan scenario to match your contract.

    5. Application Disclosures

    A pre-approval tells you how much home you can afford financing for, but that doesn’t mean you need to use all of it. Consider the costs that will go into buying a home, including down payment and contingencies, and create a firm budget that you want to stay within. This, along with the pre-approval, will give you a concrete number to shop within when you begin looking at homes.

    6. Underwriting

    Every homebuyer benefits from using a Realtor, but this applies especially to first-time homebuyers. A Realtor can help you find the home you want, and help you stay within your allotted budget by using their negotiating skills to keep your bids strategic and competitive.

    7. Closing

    Time for closing! We wire the money to the title company, where you’ll usually spend about 60 minutes signing your final paperwork. You get your keys, move in, invite us to your housewarming party, and we become friends. You refer your family, friends, co-workers, and new neighbors us. Life is good!

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