Building a Team | GTR

Geared towards helping three types of Real Estate Agents:

“Mega” and team-based agents to stay innovative and relevant in their sales strategies.
Seasoned agents to grow their business beyond the “1-man/woman-band” with systems to grow sustainably.
Newer agents who need help attracting and converting new “leads” into clients and closings.

Attendees Will Learn:

How to use hiring and outsourcing to MAKE you money instead of COSTING you money
The “slow to hire” mindset – why and how to NEVER think or act “slow”
Finding, attracting, interviewing and hiring a “10” in less than 3 total hours
How to avoid the pitfalls of hiring the wrong candidate
The Training Slingshot – how to turn ’em loose fast (and the right way)
Virtual Assistants – who, what, where when, why, how… and how much (err, little, actually)
Establishing your “Talent Search” process

*Bonus (time-permitting):
Creating the job description and delegation tasks

**Each attendee will get a copy of the class notes and a 15 minute strategy session to help implement this content into their marketing and business plan, and sales process.

Building a Team | GTR

Date(s) - 12/13/2017
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Greater Tampa Realtors®
2918 W Kennedy Blvd , Tampa, FL, 33609

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