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    Offer Accepted®

    Buying a home today isn’t like what you see on “reality” tv shows. Typically you do not look at 3 houses, have the luxury of “sleeping on” your decision, and then meeting your Real Estate Agent for happy hour the next day to choose which house you will buy.

    What really happens in today’s real estate market, is that desirable homes do not stay on the market long at all (sometimes just hours). And almost every seller has multiple buyers submitting offers, which creates a bidding war.

    The true reality in today’s market is that most buyers do not win their offer, and end up losing their dream home. And this process can repeat itself over and over and over for the typical homebuyer.  BUT NOT YOU.

    Not when you choose the Heckman Mortgage Group to be your mortgage lender. We will get you eligible for our “Offer Accepted” process, which will help you get into contract on the home of your dreams, instead of being let down, like other buyers who lose in multiple offer situations.

    Here’s what we do:
    First, we get you fully pre-qualified with your credit report and automated underwriting approval. Next, we collect your financial documents (just the basic ones) and our pre-underwrite team quickly reviews those documents. Most companies do not staff themselves to pre-underwrite clients until they are in contract. It is a huge advantage for us…and for you. Then, one of our loan partners will call the sellers’ Real Estate Agent at the time your offer is presented and promote the best aspects of your mortgage scenario. Just a phone call from a lender at this stage makes a huge statement to a listing agent. It models to them how proactive we are, how thorough our approval is, and how well we communicate.
    How this discussion unfolds is quite predictable, as we’ve been doing this since 2014.

    Don’t lose out on the bidding war of the home of your dreams.

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