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    Rate Match

    First, we took the “confusing” out of getting a mortgage. And then, we took the “rate-shopping-to-find-a-good-rate-that-will-actually-close-on-time-without-a-nightmare-surprise-at-the-end ” out of getting a great interest rate.  Meet Rate Match.

    You’ll always be able to find a rate “quote” that is so low and attractive that it seems too good to be true. And sometimes, those quotes really do turn out to be legit, and that lender does close your mortgage loan on time. But typically, those are exactly where the stories of the “mortgage horror story” starts…at a “too-good-to-be-true” rate quote.

    So we went ahead and eliminated that potential pitfall for you with our “Rate Match” program. Eight or nine times out of ten, our rate lock desk will be able to match a quote you get somewhere else. Yes, one or two times out of ten, you’ll have a “too-good-to-be-true” rate quote, and we’ll simply tell you that. We’ve found honesty is the best way to run our business.

    So when we talk, ask us how to utilize this in your mortgage process. More importantly, ask how we can get you eligible for our “Offer Accepted” process to actually help you GET into contract. The lowest rate quotes on the planet mean nothing, if you don’t get into contract.

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