What is a Woodser?

We rent out a ranch. Light a bonfire. Add a tractor & hayrides. Play music in the barn.
Drink (beer, wine, soda), and eat some food. Maybe a few surprises too;)
Dress in flannel, cowboy/girl, or just come-as-you-are.
There will also be a special guest by the Name of Firecracker making an appearance. Contests, Prizes, and All!

Surprise Shootout – Part 1

After the utterly-atrocious “music” videos exposed their lack of actual musical talent, “Joey The Kid” and “Trigger Happy Heckman” have a classic western shoot-out…and share who the special guest will be for the Wooder…

Surprise Shootout – Part 2

Watch the final conclusion of the shoot out to see if we get to hear about the surprise! Who will win…the duel? Who has the best parties this side of the Mississippi? You bet your britches it’s The Heckman Group!

Joey the Kid & Trigger Happy Heckman “Sing” the Classics – Friends In Great Places

In this “remake” of “Friends in GREAT Places”, “Trigger Happy Heckman” lead “sings” his best…er…uh…well, you’ll see…until “Joey The Kid” stops the noise…


Joey the Kid & Trigger Happy Heckman “Sing” the Classics – Sweet Home Alabama

“Joey The Kid” karaoke’s Sweet Home Alabama…but, well, it’s just aweful, and when “Trigger Happy Heckman” shuts it down, “creative differences” appear…

Joey the Kid & Trigger Happy Heckman “Sing” the Classics – Should’ve Been a Cowboy

If you’re still watching, we’re wondering what’s wrong with you…or…you actually appreciate a fairly good laugh at our expense. Truth is, we’re a bunch of “suburban cowboys”, and can’t wait to have you at the Wooder with us…

Joey the Kid & Trigger Happy Heckman “Sing” the Classics – Woodser Music Videos (Full Version)

“Joey The Kid” and “Trigger Happy Heckman” invite our clients and mortgage partners to our Woodser Bonfire Party by remaking 3 classic country songs…but it doesn’t exactly…well, lets say they’ll continue closing mortgages full-time…

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