Mortgage Tax Credit

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    Mortgage Tax Credit

    The Florida Housing Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Program can help first-time homebuyers save money each year that they live in their home. A Florida Housing Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) allows a homebuyer to claim a tax credit up to 50% of the mortgage interest paid per year. The credit is capped at $2,000 annually and any remaining mortgage interest not included as part of the TAX CREDIT is still eligible for the home mortgage interest deduction on their federal tax return. 

    Each year, a homeowner may claim a dollar-for-dollar reduction of income tax liability on 50% of the mortgage interest on their first mortgage, reducing the amount of federal taxes owed by as much as $2,000.

    We can GREATLY expedite your process with a brief phone discussion, saving you hours of research.

    This program is open to individuals, families and eligible veterans who:

    • are “first time” homebuyers (have not owned a home as a primary residence within the past 3 years)
    • meet income and home purchase price limits
    • meet the qualifying requirements of a mortgage loan
    • will use the home as their primary residence
    • *exceptions apply for some military veterans

    Obviously, restrictions apply, and you must meet eligibility requirements. Let us know how to best-reach you by clicking the “Apply Now” button, and someone on our mortgage team with contact you.

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