Refinance to “Cash-Out”

    If you are looking to tap into the equity of your home and “cash-out” to do home improvements, or consolidate debt, or anything else, we can help you expedite the process. You have several mortgage options of how to accomplish this.

    You can open a new 1st mortgage and roll-in closing costs and the “cash-out” into a new loan. You can also open an additional mortgage in the 2nd lien position, called a “home equity” or “line of credit” mortgage. Just make sure to let us know you are looking to refinance when you contact us, and our team will help you accordingly.


    Lower Rate or Reduce Term

    Often times, homeowners look to refinance their existing mortgage, to either lower their rate (and payment), or to reduce the term of the loan (from a 30 year to a 15 year term, for example) to save tens of thousands of dollars in long-term interest costs.

    Either direction, our experienced mortgage team will help you analyze which option is best for your short and long-term goals. And bringing your CPA and/or CFP into the discussion may we wise as well.


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